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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's POST IT NOTE day!
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ive missed this so much, its soooooo damn fun!!!!!!!! 

go do it!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

im the worst blogger ever. sorry friends.

holy crap.  its been almost 2 months since ive posted ANYthing?????? 

good lord, i suck at this.

im so overwhelmed with life and work and trying to be a skinny bitch that ive been neglecting all of my online peeps.  i sowwy.  i weally weally am. 

part of the reason i havent been on here, is because ive been feeling very negative.  i havent wanted to unleash that on any unsuspecting readers.  im generally pissed off these days. 

and i really didnt wanna drop that on all of your laps. 

unfortunately, though, i dont know where else to turn right now.  i need to vent and get advice, and idk where to go. 

so, if you dont want to read any further on this post, i TOOOOOOOOOTALLY understand.  but if you do, feel free to drop some advice when you're done :)

Rant #1:
'Member me talkin about wanting to go to Vegas?  Well, I booked the trip.  I will definitely be going......  sans boyfriend.  And he had the NERVE to get PISSED OFF at me!!!  What!?!?!?!?!?  I politely told him to pound sand, but it still pisses me off.  He told me I should have asked him again before I booked it.  I told him that I wasnt going to beg.  That he was just S.O.L.  Whatever.  its not like he would have changed his damn mind anyway.  ARGH. 

Rant #2....  And heres where I need advice:
Ok, at work.......  I kind of got a project dumped in my lap about 2 years ago that has been my baby since.  its been pretty ruthless and a lot of work, and is still in progress.  ive spent countless hours doing research and writing things and just working on this project (its a new safety program).  A few weeks ago, one of our guys got cited for a safety violation at a customer site, and our system was called on the carpet.  my new program has been a big hit, and actually saved our asses from really hot water.  myself, the manager of the service department, and the service supervisor guy have been working with said customer to help add things to our system that they would like to see.  which is awesome. 

now, the goddamn service manager is like trying to cut me out of the picture.  hes not copying me on conversations and "forgetting" to let me know shit.  then the other day, he calls me up and says that hes just about done with another procedure for me to add to the program.  im like WHAT?  who's doing that?  hes like, well, *Lucy* and I.  I'm like, um WTF is LUCY doing with MY program?????  and WHO TF are YOU to do this behind my back?  this is MY effing JOB. 

this is not unusual behavior for this manager.  its like a power thing to him.  i just dont know exactly how to handle it.  i dont know exactly how to approach the situation and tell him, look, asshole, this is MY EFFING PROJECT that I have worked on for OVER TWO YEARS.  you do NOT get to bring people in on MY project without MY knowledge and consent. 

What I WANT to say:  IM the one that worked 80 fucking hours to appease the customer the week our guy got in trouble.  IM the one thats doing all the goddamn work.  IM the one thats gone to countless different safety meetings in the last two years, IM the one that attends the seminars, IM the one that write the procedures, IM the one that has to fix it when its broken.  SO YOU dont get to decide SHIT here.  IM THE GODDAMN CORPORATE SAFETY COORDINATOR.  YOU bow to ME fucker. 

so, what the hell do i do?  going to MY boss is out of the question.