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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

POST IT NOTE TUESDAY!!!!!! i probably have no friends....

if im gonna make any kind of comeback...... supah and her bomb-shizzle PINT is the way to go.....



like way bad, like WOAH.

sometimes, i just shake my head, for hours at a time.  dumbfounded. 

and various "search jobs here" sites can #suckit.
but really, seeing as how i am gainfully employed, i cannot bitch too much.  i have friends that are having the same problem finding employment, and they need it way more than i do. 
so yes, i acknowledge, my problems are small. 


go see supah!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

retail therapy..... yes, please!

im in a HORRIBLE mood. 
the kind that makes you want to guzzle a bottle of goose at 9am. 
and my pocketbook took a hit in VEGAS over the weekend, so im trying to control my retail therapy urge.

enter corrinrenee............


shes doing a LET'S SHOP series.....  annnnnnnnndddddddddd....... 

since A) i really really really REEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLY love to shop, and B) i really really really REEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY love sandals.....  here i is.

i love shoes.  period. 
i ESPECIALLY love summer shoes -- sandals. 
and i also love skechers. 
so, from sketchers, i want:

SKECHERS Cali - SKECHERS Cali - Style #37015


SKECHERS Cali - Sandals - Style #37416

and, really, lets be honest, every other damn pair of sandals they have, as long as they are NOT those shape ups or whatever theyre called.  i cannot go there.

and, of course, if i had limitless money and such, i would also love to have the following, just to start:

Rodano by SoftWalk at Zappos.com

Zappos.com - Powered by Service

Stella Turq by Apepazza at Zappos.com

Zappos.com - Powered by Service

Esme by Josef Seibel at Zappos.com

Esme by

Zappos.com - Powered by Service

Shiva - 84520 by Think! at Zappos.com

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Mya by Aquatalia by Marvin K. at Zappos.com

Mya by

Zappos.com - Powered by Service

Ivy by Faryl Robin at Zappos.com

Ivy by

Zappos.com - Powered by Service

what do YOU really really really really want??????  fill your shopping cart and link up with Corrinrenee!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's POST IT NOTE day!
on twitter use:


ive missed this so much, its soooooo damn fun!!!!!!!! 

go do it!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

im the worst blogger ever. sorry friends.

holy crap.  its been almost 2 months since ive posted ANYthing?????? 

good lord, i suck at this.

im so overwhelmed with life and work and trying to be a skinny bitch that ive been neglecting all of my online peeps.  i sowwy.  i weally weally am. 

part of the reason i havent been on here, is because ive been feeling very negative.  i havent wanted to unleash that on any unsuspecting readers.  im generally pissed off these days. 

and i really didnt wanna drop that on all of your laps. 

unfortunately, though, i dont know where else to turn right now.  i need to vent and get advice, and idk where to go. 

so, if you dont want to read any further on this post, i TOOOOOOOOOTALLY understand.  but if you do, feel free to drop some advice when you're done :)

Rant #1:
'Member me talkin about wanting to go to Vegas?  Well, I booked the trip.  I will definitely be going......  sans boyfriend.  And he had the NERVE to get PISSED OFF at me!!!  What!?!?!?!?!?  I politely told him to pound sand, but it still pisses me off.  He told me I should have asked him again before I booked it.  I told him that I wasnt going to beg.  That he was just S.O.L.  Whatever.  its not like he would have changed his damn mind anyway.  ARGH. 

Rant #2....  And heres where I need advice:
Ok, at work.......  I kind of got a project dumped in my lap about 2 years ago that has been my baby since.  its been pretty ruthless and a lot of work, and is still in progress.  ive spent countless hours doing research and writing things and just working on this project (its a new safety program).  A few weeks ago, one of our guys got cited for a safety violation at a customer site, and our system was called on the carpet.  my new program has been a big hit, and actually saved our asses from really hot water.  myself, the manager of the service department, and the service supervisor guy have been working with said customer to help add things to our system that they would like to see.  which is awesome. 

now, the goddamn service manager is like trying to cut me out of the picture.  hes not copying me on conversations and "forgetting" to let me know shit.  then the other day, he calls me up and says that hes just about done with another procedure for me to add to the program.  im like WHAT?  who's doing that?  hes like, well, *Lucy* and I.  I'm like, um WTF is LUCY doing with MY program?????  and WHO TF are YOU to do this behind my back?  this is MY effing JOB. 

this is not unusual behavior for this manager.  its like a power thing to him.  i just dont know exactly how to handle it.  i dont know exactly how to approach the situation and tell him, look, asshole, this is MY EFFING PROJECT that I have worked on for OVER TWO YEARS.  you do NOT get to bring people in on MY project without MY knowledge and consent. 

What I WANT to say:  IM the one that worked 80 fucking hours to appease the customer the week our guy got in trouble.  IM the one thats doing all the goddamn work.  IM the one thats gone to countless different safety meetings in the last two years, IM the one that attends the seminars, IM the one that write the procedures, IM the one that has to fix it when its broken.  SO YOU dont get to decide SHIT here.  IM THE GODDAMN CORPORATE SAFETY COORDINATOR.  YOU bow to ME fucker. 

so, what the hell do i do?  going to MY boss is out of the question. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

POST-IT NOTE TUESDAY!!!!!!!!! woot! woot!


Thats it!!!!!!!! 

go see SUPAH!!!!! 

do the same thing!!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

take a long walk...

off a short fuckin pier.

thats what i want to tell him. 

one of my BFF's for the last 20 years wants to go to Vegas for her 30th in April.  she's invited me and Mr. Man to join her & her hubby & two other couples. 


hes kind of being a dick about it though. 

see, he goes to vegas every year with his brother & another friend.  theyve gone like every year for like 18 years or some shit. 

i, however, NEVER go ANYwhere.  ANYWHERE. 

ive been asking him to take me to vegas, just for a couple of days, for monnnnnnnnnths. 

i asked him again the other day.  he, instead, tells me if i have X amount of dollars, he will cash in his frequent flyer miles and send my kids & i to disney.  JUST my kids and me.  NOT HIM.

WTF asshat???? 

now, i tell him that i want us to go to vegas with my girl & the crew for the bday celebration. 

he got suuuuuuuuuuuper pissy with me about it. 

"see, ive been to vegas once or twice" he says "and when you go with groups like that, it just sucks"

im all.........um, we dont have to be with the GROUP the whole fucking time.  we can go and DO things.  you know TOGETHER????? 

and hes like, we'll talk about it. 

fuck talk.  book the tickets & the fucking room. 

am i wrong if i go without him?  yes, ill be the only one stag.  but, WTF?  i cannot sit here forever waiting for him to want to fucking do something that I want to do....  right??!?!?!?!?

help me out here..... 

if you were in my position, would you go without him? 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

what makes me happy?!?!?!?!?!

my buddy DesertRose gave me an award!

and i, personally, think its pretty bad ass :)

so i guess now i have to decide what makes me happy.

and you know what???  this is no small feat at all. 

im not really a negative person, but i can bitch with the best of em. 

anyhoosits....  lets see what i can come up with

1.  my kids when they are healthy and happy and NOT fighting.
2.  STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.  my blog friends.  i heart you.
4.  my brand spankin new laptop that i FINALLY treated myself to.
5.  summer
6.  sun
7.  vacation days
8.  my IRL bff
9.  greys & private practice
10.  my family

well, that wasnt really as hard as i thought.  lol. 
i could actually go on and on and on and on and on and on... and you get the fricken picture. 

NOW, i have to tag 10 of you.

dont be mean, i dont care if you like awards or not, but i like YOU so just take it and like it.

and lemme tell ya something, this part... narrowing it down to 10?  yea, not so fuckin easy.

hugs & love to you all.