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Monday, July 20, 2009

random ass stuff...

random shit is running thru my head...

i really need to mow my yard

i wonder if my doc would give me antidepressants

i wonder if i actually NEED them, or if im being a big ol sissy ass

my 4 year old kills me. she fancies herself married to another 4 year old boy at the sitters house.

i think someone paid my internet bill... cuz it didnt work last week, and i KNOW i havent paid it....
my best friend is awesome.

im so glad her pregnancy is healthy & that the heartbeat was heard today!!!!

i cant wait til all of my prego friends have their babies. i need a baby fix.

i need money.

i really need to find a lucrative way to work from home and spend more time with the kids.

damn daycare is expensive.

i wish my boyfriend wasnt an ass. seriously, is commitment THAT fucking difficult?

wait, do i even WANT that commitment????


i want some grape salad.

i need a life.

people, in general, suck.

im still blown away by the fact that my boss's kid (who is an employee) was playing with a fucking bouncy ball in the fucking office. WTF.

and sooooooooooo much more....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unfair happenings at work is a big thing anymore. Sometimes it is a form of discrimintaion.