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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i laughed...... almost til i peed.

oh, last night.

the boyfriend arrives at the house. and the conversation that immediately ensues still makes me giggle now.

Me: Foods on the stove

BF: Gonna make me a bowl of chili?

Me: WTF? Are your arms broke? I cooked it. Aint that enough?

BF: Jeeze, ok fine. Get me the cheese & sour cream.

Me: (as I'm getting this stuff out and not really looking at whats there cuz I know where what I'm gettin is at) Good Lord, you arent even gonna taste the damn chili for all the CRAP you put in it.

Me: HAHA not very much sour cream left. Serves you right.

BF: Whats that next to the ranch?

Me: There is no more sour cream.


Me: Did you buy so....... OMG. You did buy me new perfume! Thank you! Now when the fuck did you put that in there? When did you open the fridge? WTF?

BF: Bet you feel like an ass now huh????

Me: laughing so hard I now have to cross my legs. and there is no sound. just shaking, red face, and tears

BF: Go ahead. Pee. You KNOW you wanna. Moms do that sometimes. Come on. Piddle. Right there on the floor. Go on.

Me: still laughing so hard i cant breathe.

BF: Jerk. (walks away and sits down to eat)

...5 minutes later...

Me: Whew. ok, so yea, im kind of a jerk. right on.

BF: Bet you feel like a fucking ass now huh?

Me: No, not really. And its gonna be damned funny to tell this one.

So yea, there ya go, I laughed, almost til i peed.

It was nice, it was like my BF was back to being the awesome guy he was at the beginning....



Blasé said...

A lil' pee during a hearty laugh will do you some good....from what I've been told, anyway

Anonymous said...

Guys want to pee anywhere you know.

LiLu said...

I would have lost it when he said "piddle". Props to you for holding it together!

Candice said...

Aww! What a nice gift.

What kind of "smell good" was it?