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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I Meant to Say Wednesday - Round 2!

Go see Chief!

do it NOW!

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When I said thats cool about your upteenmillion boxes of cookies sold because you asked me how many we had sold, i lied.

what i meant to say?

REALLY???????  ITS THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU?????  Well hooray for you and your cookie selling abilities.  Im so thrilled and proud of you.

When I said I'm sorry that I sent my kid that had unbeknownst to me been exposed to the flu to preschool and then you end up sick 6 days later BLAMING ME, I meant it, but I really wanted to add:

Lifes a bitch.  When you have kids that are around other kids, it fucking happens.  Get over it.  Or go live in a bubble.  It sucks, I know.  I FUCKING LIVED IT too.  WTF?  Am I supposed to keep my kid home everytime i think she *MIGHT* get sick???????  Uh, yea, single parent here.... have to fucking work sometime.  kthanksbye.


Ok, so maybe I'm a little testy today????  These two things just rubbed me way wrong today. 


Anyway, Go see Chief.  For Realz. 


Anonymous said...

Kids get sick and they love to share their germs. Hope you have a good day.

Organic Meatbag said...

You are testy, lass, but don't sweat it... like I always say, the flu is for sharin'!

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Kids share germs but not legos. Go figure.

CrazyAssMomma said...

yea, sorry about being so bitchy.

trust me, i am NOT the mom that sends my sick kid to play with well kids at any point in time.

it is not as if my child were puking and i sent her to school anyway.

she had no symptoms. and i did not know that 2 others from her sitter the day before had gotten sick the previous night.

i just dont like getting told its "my fault" some other person is sick.

Kmama said...

Stopping by from Chief's...

yeah, I did *not* send one kid to daycare with motrin today and another kid to kindergarten with motrin.

In my defense, they really aren't that sick...just not feeling 100%.

I gotta work peeps!!

Triplets Plus Two Momma said...

That's it. I am officially stalking your blog. I feel like a crazy ass momma but am afraid to go public with all that.

You are my new hero :)

CrazyAssMomma said...


welcome to the crazy train!!!! ;)

hey, a mom has to vent SOMEWHERE!!!

right :)

Adoption Of Jane Ug-LBC said...


Shell said...

We'd never be able to send our kids out anywhere if we kept them in everytime that they might possibly be sick.

Just Another Momma said...

hahaha, don't you love that when they blame you for getting them sick. Ugh. thanks for stopping by my blog today!

gayle said...

Kids get sick ...it's a fact of life...I totatly agree with you!! My grandson is home sick today so he was probably sick at preschool yesterday...oh well.

Little Lovables said...

yep, been there, tell em off, it feels good

Chief said...

Im with ya

my sis will try to track down the kid who got her kids sick! it kills me! How many times have you been the one to pass the germs... dumabsses!

CrazyAssMomma said...

so glad to know im not the only one that finds it ridiculous.

thanks y'all. i heart you.

make me feel a lil less crazy :)

Kristina P. said...

I really, really wish we could say everything we think. Life would be better that way!